I Tutor You Chemistry DVD!
Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Why should I buy your chemistry tutoring DVDs?

A:  I’m a very experienced chemistry tutor-- 11+ years.  I show techniques to  solving chemistry problems that you may not have seen before that will help boost your grades.  Also, I charge up to $40/hour for private tutoring.  This DVD set offers a tremendous value, only $3.70/hour.  Keep in mind, these DVDs are meant to be viewed over an entire semester or school year if you’re in high school.  Even if you use a private tutor, I’m sure that you can learn a lot from these DVDs.  The great advantage to being tutored from a DVD is that you can watch it over and over again.  Finally, I’m offering a 30 day money-back guarantee.  If you are not satisfied with this product during this time period and want a full refund,  just send the DVD(s) to:

                                    Jeff’s Chemtutoring
                                    4340 E. Indian School, Ste. 21-162
                                    Phoenix, AZ 85018

Q:  I’m taking general(college) chemistry.  Will I still benefit from your DVDs?

A:  Yes, if you struggle with chemistry or if you’ve not taken a prior chemistry course.  These DVDs contain over 60% of what’s in a general chemistry(2 semesters) course.

Q:  I’m taking AP or Honors high school chemistry.  Will these DVDs help me.

A:  See above answer.

Q:  I live outside of the United States.  Will your DVD play on my player?

A:  Yes, it should play on any DVD player or computer, Mac or PC

Q:  How do I print off the periodic table?

A:  Click the periodic table icon on the homepage and print.  Or, Disc 1 contains the periodic table.  If you have a PC(Windows):  Insert Disc 1 into the DVD drive, click “My Computer”, right click the, DVD icon, click “open”, click the periodic table icon, and click print.  If you have a Mac,
just pop in the DVD, click the DVD icon, click the periodic table, and click print.    


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Any questions?  Contact me at jeffthetutor@gmail.com